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Shutterstock Samantha J. Gross Shutterstock More Summer is just around the corner, Londoners. The clocks are about to go forward next week, marking the beginning of British Summer Time, or Daylight Savings Time. The changing of the clocks means it might be dark when you wake up in the morning, but you'll still see daylight after work. If you have a hard time keeping track, heres what you should know about the change. When do the clocks change? The clocks are set to go forward on Sunday, March 26 at 1:00 am. Do we gain or lose an hour? We lose an hour, which means darker mornings and lighter evenings.

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On Friday, China announced it had indefinitely delayed regulations that threatened to disrupt the flow of Australian products, including Blackmores vitamins and milk powder, into the mainland market. As a result, shares in Blackmores jumped more than 13 per cent on Tuesday and defied the market gloom on Wednesday, up another 1.9 per cent in late trade. Ms Holgate said the change removes the uncertainty that had been hanging over the head of Australian retailers since the rules were first flagged last April. "It's very good news and for me it reiterates the commitment the Chinese government have to this very important initiative, " she told The Business. "What this does is take away a large part of that uncertainty." Provided by ABC Business But the Blackmores chief concedes certainty is a fluid concept in China and the company remains prepared for further regulatory risk. "We should never think of anything as a full stop, there's always challenges and opportunities ahead," Ms Holgate said. The welcome news comes after a dismal February half year profit of $28.5 million, a slump of 41 per cent on the same time a year ago which hammered Blackmores' share price. At the time, the company failed to deliver any guidance. Ms Holgate has indicated the outlook may now be slightly more rosy. "This year we have told our shareholders that we will close somewhere between the exceptional year and the very good year, we don't do outlooks because we don't want to mislead people," she said.

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